Rave Reviews for Leper + Chip!

From The Philadelphia Inquirer: "The language here is a mixture of dramatic dialogue and narration, so that much of the show seems to be a short story read aloud and theatrically illustrated.  With the audience seated in a four-square arrangement framing the stage (not always a serviceable idea) the action—much of it physical—is choreographed impressively and performed relentlessly by actors who are agile in every way. Alternating between acting out the scene and explaining it, Mulshine and Stahl never falter, and neither do their excellent accents."

From DC Metro Theatre Arts: Liam Mulshine as Leper and Katie Stahl as Chip are nothing short of remarkable in their flawless execution of the hefty script, thoroughly believable portrayal of the gritty pair, imitations of the other troubled characters in their story (his send-up of a 50-something pick-up for a one-night stand is especially caustic), and thick Irish accents (with dialect coaching by Leonard Kelly). We see the anger and despair in their crass bravado, then the softening towards each other and themselves, as they shed their mean-spirited nicknames, reveal their true identities, and turn their hostility into understanding, tenderness, and love, all within the frenetic 36 hours since they met. These are two emerging talents to watch.